British manufacturer Wrekin Shell Mouldings is one of the UK's premier foundries for the production of complex castings using the highly specialised shell moulding process.

The shell moulding process facilitates the production of consistent and dimensionally accurate shapes resulting in excellent surface finish. Manufacturer to a wide range of industries such as railways, marine, water and fire-fittings, fire protection equipment, automotive, pneumatics, valve, construction industry.

CNC precision machining processes

Our fully tooled machine shop can also deliver finished components using CNC precision machining processes.


Highly specialised shell moulding process in Bronze LG2 (CC491K), LG4 (CC492K) Phosphor Bronze (PB2) and G3.

The world's most established quality framework

ISO 9001 is by far the world's most established quality framework, currently being used over 1.5 million organizations in 191 countries.

The shell moulding process

The shell process is used for higher batch quantity products resulting in lower costs.

William Eagles

Wrekin Shell Mouldings has acquired William Eagles in February 2014.