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Wrekin Shell Mouldings specialises in the shell moulding & air set casting processes, using copper based alloys, including gunmetals & phosphor bronze.

Shell Moulding

The shell moulding process facilitates the production of consistent and dimensionally accurate shapes resulting in excellent surface finish. And because the need for machining is reduced, lighter weight castings can be designed. The shell process is used for higher batch quantity products resulting in lower costs.

Air set sanding casting process

The Air set alkaline phenolic sanding casting process also known as “no bake” is used for the manufacture of low to medium volume production batches achieving excellent dimensional stability, easy pattern removal, high quality surface finish, very good definition and exceptional erosion resistance in both complex moulds and cores with very low fume evolution.


Wrekin Shell Mouldings offer a “one stop shop” from raw materials to a precision machined end product. Our advanced robotised CNC machinery ensures efficiency and consistency, using a wide variety of techniques including turning & milling.


Our well-equipped pattern shop enables us to manufacture and maintain patterns, giving our customers a service with both flexibility and fast response.