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Wrekin Shell Mouldings specialises in the shell moulding & air set casting processes, using copper based alloys, including gunmetals & phosphor bronze.

Design & Development

Using the latest CAD software we can help take your designs from idea through to reality. Our Solidworks suite features Simulation [FEA], so we are able analyse your design for the effects of forces and pressures, and Flow Simulation [CFD], so we can simulate fluid flow through vessels, and make any necessary design changes before components are committed to tooling. Plus we can also supply photo realistic images before your design is produced for use in artistic impressions and other promotional materials.

Pattern Shop

Our fully equipped Pattern Shop manufactures for both our in house shell moulding and greensand moulding facilities. We use the latest CAM software in conjunction with our Bridgeport VMC 800 to produce highly accurate tooling.


Our shell moulding foundry produces castings anywhere from 50g to 25 kg in gunmetal [LG2/LG4 & C83600(B62)], phosphor bronze [PB2], nickel tin bronze [G3] and SG Iron [EN JS 1030] and we are also happy to discuss custom material grades e.g. RoHS compliant low lead varieties to suit your specific requirements.

For heavier items and/or small batches we can also offer air set moulded parts up to 32 kg

Common parts supplied by our foundry:

• Valve bodies and bonnets
• Stopcock bodies
• Shower valve casings
• Engine cooling headers
• Pipeline tees and elbows
• Overhead electrification clamps and swivels

Core shop:

Our shell core shop uses hot box technology to produce repeatable, accurate cores time after time. Cores are dressed and quality inspected before inserting into the mould.

Shell moulding:

We operate two Super Simplex fully automated shell moulding machines using fine grade resin bonded sand to achieve superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish compared to other sand casting methods. Machining allowances can be as little as 1mm saving time and material when it comes to machining the job. Maximum full plate size is 16" x 24".


We operate 3 electric induction furnaces with maximum charge weights between 400-500kg. Each melt is assigned a unique serial number and undergoes strict quality control to ensure conformity to the required metal specification in our in-house laboratory using our SpectroMaxX spectrograph.
Mechanical testing can also be arranged and material supplied with BS EN ISO 10204 3.1 certification.


Castings are supplied dressed and finished and can be stamped with melt/batch identification to suit your requirements.

Machine Shop

Our CNC machine shop feature 3 Mazak Multiplex Turning Centres, 2 of which have full robot loading capabilities meaning they can produce highly accurate parts morning, noon and night.

We also run 4 other Mazak Quickturn CNC lathes machining copper alloys, iron and stainless steel.

Common parts supplied by our foundry:

• Valve bodies and bonnets
• Stopcock bodies
• Shower valve casings
• Engine cooling headers
• Overhead electrification clamps and swivels
• Fire hose couplings

In-process inspection:

Our inspection room boasts a full complement of measurement equipment to suit most jobs, including British Standard and American Pipe thread gauges
up to 3".

We also have our own CMM utilising PC-DMIS software for first off sample approval and PPAP submissions.

Final Inspection, Assembly & Test:

Our final inspection department can offer air under water leak testing of most components and can supply fully or semi assembled items to suit your requirements.

Common parts tested for leakage:

• Valve bodies and bonnets
• Stopcock bodies
• Shower valve casings
• Engine cooling headers

Common items supplied fully or part assembled:

• Fire hoses and couplings
• Water pipe ferrules
• Oil rig cooling nozzles

Other services

We can arrange other ancillary services to suit your needs including impregnation, plating and welding.

We also have access to a wide variety of competitively priced subcontractors who specialise in components in other materials (e.g. stainless steel and aluminium castings, plastic injection mouldings) as well as turned parts, washers, gaskets and springs. We are happy to source on your behalf to compliment any other components we supply.